About Lindsey


Hi! I'm Lindsey Windett, the photographer and artist behind Windett Photography and Design. I am a natural-light Virginia photographer who specializes in conceptual and lifestyle portraiture. I've worked professionally since 2009 but have been fascinated with photography since childhood. (I was always the kid showing up on the last day of school, field trips, etc. with a disposable camera, ready and prepared to terrorize my classmates.) Though, I didn't truly start to get into the photography world until I was 18 years old, working with local models for trade with an unassuming Kodak point and shoot as my way of baby-stepping into the digital age. I've come a long way since then, but I will always appreciate those confused formative years as they sowed the seed of a beautiful, life-long love affair. Now, there is no way I would consider anything else.

Most of the work I do comes from a very personal place and all too often, I find myself at a loss for words whenever I try to describe what photography means to me. Inevitably, I fall into an assortment of clichés about savoring beauty, appreciating life and making memories. Even though these things might be tired and overused, they all still ring true. So, I guess all that's left to do is embrace them. For me, photography provides a wistful feeling of nostalgia and longing. It means savoring details that are so commonly overlooked. And it means appreciating beauty not just in the traditional sense, but loving all of our imperfections and all of the stupid little things that make us human. 


Headshot above courtesy of Stephanie Dennehy Photography


Services & Investment


I work on-location only and I specialize in natural-light portraiture for both conventional and alternative concepts. Which means anything from lifestyle family portraits to stylized fine art. No matter how simple or complex, every session with me will be relaxed, natural and fun, with no added pressure to get that "perfect shot." It's important to me to embrace your natural energy so that you are comfortable and feeling confident. 

Every booking with me includes a pre-session consultation. These are typically done in person and last anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour. This will provide us with the perfect opportunity to meet and get to know each other before we work together. Here, we will join creative forces to come up with the perfect plan, specially tailored to suit your personality, lifestyle and vision. 


T H E   P O R T R A I T   E X P E R I E N C E   B E G I N S   A T


Please reach out to request a full price guide, schedule a consultation or just to chat about your ideas.