Costa Rica

So far, this has been my second trip out of the country and - for me - it's a rare pleasure! There is just something about immersing yourself within a foreign culture that makes travel a powerful addiction. So, I'm hoping that this will only be one adventure among many to come!

A little girl plays on the beach at sunset in Manuel Antonio.


Did you know that Costa Rica only takes up .03% of the Earth's surface, but holds 5% of its biodiversity? 

I spent my entire trip in a near constant state of awe as I soaked everything in and lost myself in all the childish intrigue of the natural world. Very few things in life can compare to waking up to the sounds of the rainforest or standing on the shore of a stormy Caribbean. Words cannot even begin to justify the surreal beauty of Costa Rica and all of the unique experiences that comes with it. I hope that these photos at least can provide a glimpse.

The view just a few blocks away from our hotel.

We began in San Jose, where the streets were alive with bustling foot traffic, road-side markets, street vendors and plenty of good coffee to go around. It is also home to Plaza de la Cultura, a downtown city square where one can have a good, old fashioned pigeon party. These images are mostly of Caitlin, my good friend and travel companion, as she traded a few Colones for a chance to feed the birds.

While in the city, we made sure to check out the insect museum, where we just happened to catch a class in progress about the protein content of bugs. (Not that we could understand much of it.) Near the end, we were offered curried mealworms, of which we happily partook... and it was delicious. I would totally eat them again.

Our next venture was to Tortuguero, where we stayed in a lovely hotel just a short boat-ride from the village. Here, instead of cars, people kept canoes at their front stoops, and kids and neighborhood dogs alike played unencumbered in the streets. It was truly a world of it's own.

The only toad to Tortuguero.

The only toad to Tortuguero.

Upon arrival, we wasted no time at all diving into the nature trails. 

The hotel we stayed in was a cozy haven right on the shore of the canal. No television, no AC - just the gentle breezes and the calming sounds of nature. Sometimes, it's amazing how often our modern comforts keep us from enjoying the good stuff. 

And finally, Tortuguero Village itself. This place was nothing short of magical and I couldn't help but to go a little shutter-happy while walking the streets. Narrowing down favorites was a struggle!

The last adventure of our trip was Manuel Antonio - where lizards walked around as abundantly as squirrels and sloths hung willy-nilly in the tree-tops. It was also home to some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever laid eyes on.

Here, a monkey breaks into a restaurant and swipes a banana from the bar. (Geez, way to live up to the stereotype.)

These images are among my favorites - perhaps only because of how much I adore the ocean. Our last evening was kicked off with a beautiful sunset and the following morning provided plenty of low-tide photo-ops.