A New Beginning

Hey everyone! A lot of you may already know that I've been employed with a major retail portrait studio for almost six years now. Though it has helped me grow as a photographer in a lot of ways, I made the decision to step out of that role in order to pursue bigger, better opportunities. One, among many, is the ability to now focus more on my own work as a private photographer and continue learning new ways to broaden my abilities in the field. 

I feel like my website and blogs have gone through an almost constant cycle of re-organization and I have been very inconsistent with updates due simply to how overwhelming my work load has been. Working with this company has been a blessing, but it has also caused me to step further and further away from what I really love.

I've made a lot of changes in my life - all for the better! - and I wanted to celebrate by starting fresh with a clean new website and a brand new blog!

You will be seeing a lot more from me from now on (and I hope that's a good thing!)

If you would like to see past blog entries from before the recent update, click the link below! There is still some pretty good stuff to look at!