Pipeline Romp

We have gone ten days into October and already the breeze is starting to find a crisp edge. I've always found Autumn to be incredibly cathartic, whether it's because of the cooler weather, the vibrancy of the colors or all of the metaphors for change. Regardless of the reason (or perhaps a combination of all of them) there's unequivocal internal peace that comes with it.  And now that certain distractions are gone, it's easier for me to revel in it. 

These shots were taken recently during my very first impromptu romp at the Pipline with the ever-lovely Stephanie Dennehy. It was kind of a gloomy, chilly evening. But that just made it perfect for some coffee and a few moody photos. 

I still feel like I've been too quiet lately, so I'll make a bigger effort to post more often! Plus, I'm sure there will be plenty of Fall portraits to go around if there are any takers out there! Hope everyone is making the best of their Monday. (I've got some yoga and coffee under my belt this morning, so I'm feeling pretty good!)