The Old Beaten Jogging Path.

Like many sessions with Caitlin, this one was yet another impromptu success story. We started with one idea, and made our way to a park not too far away from my house. Unfortunately, it turned out to be one of the more uninteresting places that the area had to offer and it was slim pickings when it came to finding a good place to stop and shoot. But, like we do, we made it work. (Of course, as we drove out, we started noticing the nature trails that we somehow missed on our way in. So, perhaps I wasn't being fair calling it "uninteresting." The truth is, we are not good at parks.)

Don't let looks deceive you! This whimsical little spot was riddled with painful, thorny barbs which I ended up finding in my clothes WEEKS LATER. We only took a couple of steps in, snagged a handful of shots and then bolted out of there.

While we were in the park, I decided to play around with that cool "levitation" portrait I've seen trending online for a while. It may be a little cheesy and I may not be the greatest digital manipulator, but here's my first go around (and there will be more, because I'm determined to get good at this!) 

The rest of these images were taken in various places downtown, as we eventually got tired of wandering around the local jogging path looking for interesting trees to pose in front of. I am personally in love with how versatile Caitlin is - pulling off moody and whimsical looks to rocking it 90's style in the city. Have I mentioned how much I love shooting with this woman?

Model  |   Caitlin Riley  |  Instagram @caitarr