"The Deepest Sound is Silence."

First, I want to extend my sincerest gratitude for everyone who reached out after my last post. I was absolutely floored by all of the love and the "thank you's" that were offered and every single comment and message brought tears to my eyes. Thank you all so much. You mean the world to me.

This morning, the rain has me feeling contemplative. I have always found spring thunderstorms to be hauntingly beautiful and they leave me feeling peaceful and centered. Every movement feels more deliberate and every thought feels clearer than the last. I almost wish I could skip work today just so I can keep sitting here next to the open window.

(And before you call me out on my LIES, these photos were actually taken during the autumn months of last year. Maybe I should have taken my camera out this morning, but I liked the thought of sitting here with my coffee much better.)