Hello, RVA!

I've already told you all about my tendency to over-think everything I do. Now, here I am with another mildly embarrassing confession: I have spent much of my life in a near perpetual state of sheepishness. I'm easily intimidated by practically everyone, it's difficult for me to approach strangers and sometimes even making a phone call is enough to make my palms sweat. So, it should go without saying that networking has never been a specialty of mine and it's a huge hurdle for me to overcome in my professional endeavors. 

Because of this, I have let opportunities, relationships - and people - pass me by. I think this goes in tandem with another post in which I promised myself to embrace conversation and appreciate the people around me in new ways. 

Therefore, I'm excited to announce the launch of a brand new project: 


The idea is simple: Meet people. Talk to people. Take their portrait. Share it with you. I hope to be able to get up the nerve to take at least one every day (but let's not be too ambitious just yet. Baby steps!) Richmond is a vibrant city, fully of beautiful, artistic people...and I want to say hello to as many as I can. 

So, to kick things off: meet Margaret.

I've known Margaret since my days with Lifetouch as a former coworker and I'm so glad that we were able to get back in touch. She's not only beautiful, but her personality could brighten a room. Not to mention, she is an extremely talented artist. She does it all: from digital retouching, to photography and modeling, to drawing with pen and ink (my favorite!) If you want to check out some of her work, follow her on Instagram