A Walk Through the City

Years ago, I used to take my camera with me everywhere I went. It didn't matter how inconvenient or cumbersome my camera bag may have been, the pros of preparedness outweighed the cons of missing a good moment. Unfortunately, the habit slowly became an afterthought as I grew more exhausted with the retail studio. My creativity ebbed in the wake of higher promotions and the potential of further corporate advancement and I stopped bringing my camera to parties, and my planned photoshoots slowed to a near stop. I know I've talked before about the after effects of leaving the company behind, but (for me) it's a good point of reference to show how far I've come and how much creative freedom I've gained.

Ever since starting the Hello RVA project, I've made it my mission to step back into a place where I have my camera at my side at all times. You never know what might happen or who you might meet!

These photos were taken during an evening stroll through the city with two of my favorite people. (In fact, you might recognize them from some recent photoshoots!)