Sometimes, I need to remind myself that even though I'm buried under work, I should keep posting. The Hello RVA project still lives and I have a few portraits in the queue waiting to be shared. First on the list is Emily!  This girl has been in my life for years and I have always found her to be incredibly admirable on many different levels. She's an amazing seamstress, has mad decorating skills, cooks the most delicious food and embodies a kind of collectiveness that can be difficult to find in people. 

These were taken a few days after that dumb storm barreled over Richmond and covered our yard in felled trees and assorted limbs. She was among a handful of friends who came over to help clean. (And don't worry, more pictures of that mess will be along soon.)  Anyway! 

My name is Emily, and I was born and raised here in Richmond.  My major hobbies include crafts, cooking, beer, and doing nothing.  The weirdest thing I collect is copper unicorns.  My favorite thing to do in Richmond is pack up a backpack full of beer, find a quiet spot by the river, set up my hammock, and chill all day with friends/ my husband.