This "Hello RVA" feature also doubles as a sneak peek from one of my latest stylized photoshoots. Keep your eyes open for the rest of the set. In the meantime, meet Erin!

"I've lived in Richmond most of my life, but I've had a few adventures around the east coast - especially New Jersey. Not trying to be a weenie but if America had an armpit, it would be there.

Richmond city is a beautiful place though. On my days off from obscure makeup experimentation and selling helpless citizens vapes, I take my happy ass down to belle isle, or Hollywood cemetery. There's something humbling and transcendent about all of the art on the graves, and realizing directly under you there's someone who lived their life in the same places you did.

Aside there's a few late night Pokemon adventures to be had downtown, especially Brown's island and Monroe park. 

My favorite thing about the city though, even through the plethora of hipsters and VCU kids, most have a common interest in the arts. At almost any corner you can find some huge ass mural; whether it be of Bernie Sanders or some girl in a strawberry jar, it's all beautiful.

I remember back to when I was about 3 years old, and my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I quickly replied with "MAAAAHM I WANNA BE A UNICORN!!" to my dismay, she told me I can't change my species. So I thought of something else, "MOOOOHM I WANNA BE THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND" Because you know, who wants to be a princess when you could be a queen? Again she told me I wasn't cut out for the job. Finally, she asked me if I loved puppies, and of course duh who doesn't love a cute pupper? My mom told me that If I tried hard enough I could save all the puppies and kitties in the world if I grew up and went to school to be a veterinarian. Big word for a three year old, you could imagine I had some trouble pronouncing. Here I am now 21 years old after a few failed attempts to be a hair stylist, tattoo artist, and hookah pro, finally decided in life I'm going to be true to myself and save all the kitties and doggos in the world."

"Have you ever just looked at the sky and started to realize, with all the screwed up shit that goes on down here on earth how petty and just completely and utterly hilarious it is that we decide as a group of people that we're all so different and compartmentalize ourselves into countries and create armies to defeat each other, we stereotype and  profile one another, even kill each other over mundane things like money which is just a metaphor for a nonexistent power we just placed upon ourselves to just do it all over again. Yet in this world the only imperfect thing is the atmosphere and sky above us, even when it's dark with rolling clouds it's still an amazing thing to have every day to remind you that there's more than this world we stand on. There's boundless seas of helium gas combusting at distances so far we cant even fathom, worlds and galaxies we haven't even seen. It's very likely  we're not alone in the universe. Yet we still believe ourselves as humans with 46 chromosomes fight and kill on another. ASiDE though I believe there's just as much good in the world as there is back, can't have darkness without light you know? Shout out to my hero Carl Sagan for inspiring my interest in astro physics from age 6."