Smoke & Mirrors

I always consider a photoshoot a success when I walk away from it feeling as though I barely did any work at all. Working with models like Erin is such a breath of fresh air - so easy-going and open to ideas as they come, willing to try things on the fly. Not to mention, she is drop-dead gorgeous! 

Before this blog post is over, I have to make mention of the park we shot these in. Midlothian Mines Park was like something straight out of Alice and Wonderland. Upon entering, it seems pretty modest and unassuming, but go a little further and on the other side of a small, graffitied tunnel is an expanse of beauty and nature that seems to erupt out of nowhere. I highly recommend taking a stroll there if ever you have the opportunity. It will definitely be one of my new go-to shoot locations from here on out.