Family Portraits at Chatham Manor

This is the family of one of my good friends, Emily. We made a day trip out to Fredericksburg, Virginia and explored the beautiful Chatham Manor. It was a grey and gloomy afternoon, but somehow that just enlivened its intrigue for me. The place already made a great backdrop for portraits, but honestly, I could have stayed there all day long just taking photos of the creepy statues and all of the gnarled trees scattered over the property. Definitely now a location near the top of my list to return to!


But anyway, let's talk more about these subjects! Never has there been a group so easy-going and fun. Even little baby Lydia had a great time, despite being awakened from her nap (goodness, no!). Photographing this family made me realize with a certainty how much I miss working with the little ones! It has been so long since I worked with a baby her age and oh-my-goodness is she cute!