Cabin in the Woods

When questioned by a friend about what I was going to be up to this particular week, I explained, "I'm going to hang out with a bunch of friends in a cabin in the woods." He said, "Oh, I think I saw a movie about that once."

I have to be honest, this place was both beautiful and completely eerie. Since my husband couldn't get off from work for the week, I made my way up there alone and by the time I arrived within five minutes of my destination, it was after dark, I was running out of cell service and my GPS couldn't decide where it wanted to go. (I think I've seen a movie about that before too.) I found myself driving cautiously through a cluster of cabins, sure the one I wanted must have been nestled in there somewhere. Unsure, I continued on, all the while the gravel road becoming increasingly dark, narrow and ominous. Finally, it closed in enough that I doubted I would even be able to turn around if I needed to. Trees loomed in close as I stopped dead at a fork in the road where a "no trespassing" sign stood predominately between two even darker and less inviting paths. There was no way I was going any further and at that point, I was thoroughly creeped out. 

As I thought, turning around proved difficult but somehow I managed to wiggle and maneuver myself in the other direction and call for help. When my first call was dropped, I started to panic a little bit - how the heck was I going to find this place? Luckily, the further away I drove from that creepy little nook, I was able to reach someone and get verbal directions to the cabin. It was such sweet relief to finally pull up and see some familiar faces!

From then on, things were lovely. I spent the week surrounded by friends, eating (a lot of) good food, drinking (a lot of) good wine and watching (too much) terrible reality television. The cabin we stayed in was incredibly cozy, with a loft to sleep in and a wood stove for warmth. It was the perfect get-away and a great spot to go adventuring.

Emily and I even managed to throw in a woodsy photoshoot before we all left as part of a new series I'm working on! I wonder if you can recognize the theme?

Then, I sneaked in a few shots of our lovely friend Victoria who joined us while we worked.