Jenny Wolf

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed shooting this session. Jenny is not only an amazing model, but is also an equally amazing photographer. (Fun fact: she helped photograph my wedding back in October of 2015!) So, of course, there was some customary nervousness, but as soon as we started working, that feeling quickly dissipated. She was such a dream to work with. Plus, coupled with this incredible location, it couldn't have turned out better! We could pull off whimsical and then creepy just by moving a few feet.

Having said that, this post might turn out pretty image heavy - I have SO many favorites, it's hard not to include them all!

I always enjoy experimenting a little bit during any session, but a major perk to taking pictures of another photographer is being able to nerd out and talk gear! I ended up playing around with her tilt-shift lens, which produced some really interesting results. Definitely a lens that made my wish list! (And I'll post some more personal photos I took with it later on. It was pretty rad.)


But actually though... we can talk about this cat? When I arrived at the location, this cutie followed me around while I scoped out the area. He (or she?) was so loving and eager to be friends (and just look at those gorgeous eyes!) If that kitty had followed me home, I wouldn't have complained one bit.