And now for something a little more personal...

Within the last year, I made it a goal of mine to get outside more often and go adventuring. It has always been something in the back of my mind as a measure to find emotional balance and a new level of self-happiness. I knew this and yet somehow I always found myself lacking the motivation or energy. If I'm being honest, I decide to stay in a lot more often than not and I sometimes wonder how I even maintain a social life. Though I certainly still fall into that trap from time to time, I've found a lot more momentum and a lot more self-love through getting out there, accepting challenges and saying YES.

One adventure that I'm quite proud of was climbing to the summit of Old Rag in the Shenandoah National Park. A good friend of mine has begged me to go on this hike with him for quite a long time - and I always turned down the invitation. It wasn't necessarily because it sounded unappealing - I just barely had the desire to leave my house, let alone climb a mountain. Then, last year, he left for Africa for several months, and it was during that time that I decided to make these personal changes. So, when he got back home, I finally decided to brave the hike. 

Needless to say, he ran circles around me while I heaved my aching butt through those steep trails. There's nothing like a good hike to show me how truly out of shape I am.

We reached the summit just in time for sunset and the view was breathtaking. (These pictures barely do it justice.) That alone was truly worth the hard work it took to get there.

There were a couple of other groups who made it to the top shortly after we did and I managed to sneak a picture of a girl sitting off on her own (below). Trying to catch pictures of strangers always feels so nerve-wracking (and a reason why you don't see a lot of street photography in my portfolio!), but it was so hard to resist capturing that moment! 

I have more adventures to share, but this entry would be at risk of getting a little too crazy.
See you soon!