Violet & Ana

Okay, I'm going to get real with you all: 

(Though I always find it a little cheesy to use this word) My journey as a photographer has been a long and modest one. Over the years, I've moved down an ever-changing and evolving path, constantly learning, exploring and experimenting. I often accept alternatives, and reject the idea that art can only be as good as the standards other people place on it. I don't always have a set way of accomplishing goals, and I will never stop and kick my feet up, convinced that I've "learned it all." 


Part of why I love photography so much is that I can take risks, tackle new experiences and create art using the people and moments which surround me every day. But tackling these new experiences sometimes means saying "yes" to things I don't have a ton of experience doing, or which might be somewhere outside my comfort zone.

Through all of the years I worked with Lifetouch, I photographed tons of children and babies. But I always had all of the tools I needed right at my fingertips, all pre-set and ready-made for success. All I had to do was pose and shoot. Since I left, I haven't photographed a lot of babies. So, I've kind of been figuring this out as I go (oops, did I just say that out loud?) 

The gorgeous little one pictured above is Violet, the new addition to the Justice family and my very first newborn photoshoot since leaving Lifetouch. (And I have to give her mother, Robin, a big huge thank you for trusting me with this!) Before the session, I went out and bought the props I needed and worked with the natural light in her living room for most of these portraits. (We eventually brought the party outside because it was super nice out, but anyway.)

I've decided to combine her newborn and 3 month photos together in one blog entry, as well as some solo portraits of her big sister, Ana!

For her 3 month portraits, we set up a fall scene, again just using the natural light available in her home. And, just like the first time, we took some outdoor portraits as well so we could get a few in their Halloween costumes (Alice and the White Rabbit. How cute is that?)


The two unfortunately starting losing steam a little more quickly this time around, and at that point Ana was still not the biggest fan of holding her little sister. But at least, we got these amazing bloopers out of it, and that's always something. ;) Definitely looking forward to her next session!