Happy October! Oh, wait.


October is almost over. And I’m still bad at social media. I’ve also done nothing to celebrate Halloween other than to listen to one spooky podcast almost continuously for a solid month. (Though, let’s be honest, who really needs an excuse for that?) These past few months have been so packed and busy, I feel like I’ve been thrust into a time warp. Thankfully, I’m close to getting caught up and -surely- I can get my act together by then. I didn’t have much in mind for this particular blog post, though, other than to say hello to all of you beautiful humans, let you know that I’m still alive and to share some spooky stuff in honor of the spookiest month.


Fun fact! The photo above is actually a failed portrait I had attempted in 2014 of twin girls. We set up their session in the evening and they ended up getting lost, arriving so late that we had almost no light left. Being that none of the portraits I had taken were usable and it was only getting darker, we rescheduled the session and I almost deleted everything right then. Thankfully, something possessed me to put them through post processing and see what I could do with them. This resulted in some unexpected - and terrifying - results. I couldn’t have made something that creepy if I had tried. (Below are a couple of examples of when I did try.)


Oh, PS. If you have a morbid hunger for true crime and paranormal stories and feel like joining me in my podcast obsession, check out “And That’s Why We Drink.” Happy Halloween. You’re welcome.