Collaboration with Margaret Avery (NSFW)

This is a face you probably recognize. She is among my favorite people to work with, not only as a model but as a fellow artist. These images are from three separate projects we worked on together, all concepts she cooked up for her own portfolio. You may have seen some images from these sets floating around online some time ago, but I’m now getting around to posting them here on the blog. (And I guess it’s about dang time I get better at keeping up with this.) I loved working on these projects - collaborating with other creatives really gets me motivated and inspired. The first set of images was done kind of on a whim as our original plan didn’t work out. We originally wanted these images to take place outdoors… but the river water was incredibly cold and neither of us were about that life. So, we decided to do a moody milk bath instead. I rather like the results!

The following two images were conceptualized and post processed by Margaret. Model: John Sinclair.