Welcome back!

Hello, hello, hello. 


I know. I've been really, really (really!) quiet lately... and I'm sure a couple of half-assed self-portraits won't make up for that. I haven't posted much here, or on facebook, or on instagram... or anywhere. To tell you the truth, the past month or so has been insane - in a number of ways. I had to keep a few things on the down low for a little while (which has been absolutely killing me.) But now the cat's out of the bag:

As of late August, I started working full time for James Lee - co-founder of 88 Love Stories - in his new videography venture, Journey Seven Media. (He was also the last feature on Hello RVA. Don't you love how these things work out?) If you know me, you also know how many crappy jobs I've shuffled through just to make enough dough to fund my photography business. So, I’m understandably ecstatic to be here!

As you can already see, I've changed up some things on the website. I tend to do that a lot - but I think this change is solid and feels comfortable. Overall, the site has a new look, I’ve updated the galleries, and put new focus on lifestyle, conceptual and fine art portraiture. I've also decided to give it a more personal flare. So, be prepared for more personal images and blog posts in the near future, as well as other projects I'm working on. I love sharing my artwork, and I have a TON of images that I've never posted here. Why not start fresh? 

To begin, here are a couple of pictures of my nephew violently murdering some kinetic sand.


In other news, the Hello RVA website is still in the works. With my job transition taking up most of my headspace, it got pushed to a backburner for a little while. But once the dust fully settles, I’ll be jumping back in with new content and momentum! I finally managed to get the ball rolling, but things aren’t quite ready yet. You’ll be the first to know when it premiers!

Thank you to EVERYONE who has been so supportive of me and my work over the years. You don’t know how much it has meant to me!

See you again soon and much love!