Stephanie & Landon

Located in Richmond, Virginia

Say hello to photographer extraordinaire, Stephanie Dennehy and her son Landon! Stephanie and I met a few years ago when she shot my very first professional set of headshots and we hit it off right away. Since then, I’ve worked with her on a number of weddings and ultimately, I have her to thank for a lot of the avenues and opportunities which have opened up for me during the course of my own career. She is all about community over competition and through her I have been introduced to a world of beautiful humans and photographers who support and learn from each other.

These portraits were done as the sun set behind her neighborhood so I could break in some new lighting equipment. In all of my years as a natural light photographer, I’m definitely learning to love the art of off camera flash. It’s just one more way I know I have room to grow in my craft and presents a whole new world of photographic experimentation.

Then, once it got too dark and cold, we headed back inside and I grabbed some shots of the two of them doing what they do best: being cute as heck.