Sasha Skelton

Located at Main Street Station in Richmond, Virginia

This session features the ever-talented Sasha Skelton whose versatility never ceases to amaze me. All portraits were taken inside Main Street Station. Once you step in the building, it becomes immediately obvious that there is a wealth of great backdrops to choose from. Though, if you ever want to seek this location out for a shoot - just a headsup - they give you a two hour time limit. This seems like plenty of time, but it truly flies, especially when working with lighting and props!

I know, I know… I chose to shoot in front of a white wall for the next set. But honestly…? Sasha’s regality here probably wouldn’t have been as pronounced anywhere else. Plus, it gave me a better opportunity to play around with a few effects. (Which, by the way, were all achieved in-camera by placing various objects in front of the lens. I’m not that great at photoshop, so I just kick it old-school sometimes.)

Last but not least, I was dying to get some pictures upstairs. But at this point, I think I was overdoing it with my flash, so it only fired about every other shot. Here, you can see a marked difference between using natural light and off camera flash!