Meaghan & Michael Engagement

Located at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia

Fun fact: I share a hometown with both Meaghan and Michael, so I basically grew up with the two of them naturally weaving in and out of my life and social circles - including for a time, a shared passion for theater. (Obviously that didn’t last long for me. I tried really hard to like acting, but I was awful at it. In case you were wondering,,.) As it happens, we went our separate ways after graduating high school, so I hadn’t spoken to either of them in a long time. Needless to say, I was thrilled to hear from Meaghan and talk about their wedding, which is coming up in October of this year! It was a lot of fun shooting this engagement session and catching up with them. It was my first time (if you can believe that) shooting in Hollywood Cemetery. In fact, it was the first time I really had the chance to explore it. (I know, do I even like Richmond?) But for these two, the cemetery is a special and sentimental place, as they have often walked those paths together. I am happy to finally share this session with you and I cannot wait to see these two get married!