Nature Times - a 2am experiment in blogging

So, I went camping at the beach with a couple of friends last month (yes, I know my timeliness leaves much to be desired, but let me finish!) We arrived and immediately busied ourselves with all of the distractions a beach trip could provide. It was nice to have a couple of days off from work to lounge around outdoors in what might as well be pajamas, eating mostly snacks for meals and just generally not caring about whatever was going on elsewhere.


Other things of note: Smores with peanut butter cups (that's right) are the future of campfire desserts, the $10 "wet and wild" underwater camera is currently the biggest disappointment of 2013, and this nature walk happened:


Adam found this box with stuff in it. Clearly, he was excited. 

Next, check out this mosquito. He is the destroyer of worlds. 

Then it was over.  

You can say it... my blogging abilities are impeccable.

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