Emily and Craig's Wedding

I have to be honest, here - I'm not established as a wedding photographer (at least, not yet!) and, including the one I'm about to show you, I have only photographed three during the course of my career. So, whenever someone approaches me about one, I feel like I have to provide them with that disclaimer. Usually, things go all right... but I'm wracked with panic the entire time. "What if I miss a crucial moment because I'm changing lenses? What if I put on the wrong lens at the wrong moment? What if I just get in everyone's way?" I think anyone can agree that shooting a wedding is a lot different than a portrait session!

I was lucky enough to get to photograph the wedding of a very good friend back in October. So, a lot of my panic was eased simply due to the fact that, not only would I be surrounded by friends, the bride and groom are some of the least traditional people I know. I didn't have to worry about catching the perfect bouquet-toss photo or knowing when they were going to cut the cake. There was no garter toss or first dance. All I had to worry about was doing what I do best... taking portraits and catching great candid moments.

This gallery made it into my personal photography blog because most of these people have been in my life for years. To see everyone gather together for such a momentous occasion really made me appreciate the intricacies of how our lives intertwine over the years and how much we have molded each other into what we are today.

The wedding took place at a beautiful campground in Virginia that allowed us to make it a weekend-long affair to spend time with friends and celebrate properly! 

The wedding itself, and the reception was gorgeous. Emily, being the crafty lady that she is, made a lot of the decorations herself. The things that she didn't make, she found and repurposed from thrift stores or other various non-conventional places. The results were amazing! Even her bouquet was hand-made!

Below are the rest of the photos from the wedding ceremony, reception and after-party (where things just got silly.) The post is a bit image-heavy, but I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Above: Emily getting ready before the ceremony.

Why, yes... that IS a doughnut cake. Oh, and no, you aren't seeing things. That IS Pee Wee on the memories book. 

From this moment on, things got funkier... and black and white. PS - can you spot the photo of me? (Obviously, I didn't take that one. Credit goes to Sasha for stealing my camera for a while.)